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Do You Need Help With A Child Custody Agreement?

When parents divorce or when unmarried parents split up, they are both responsible for the care and support of minor children. Child support arrangements determine each parent’s responsibility, and it is often appropriate for one parent to make support payments to the other.

At Arbore Velez, LLC, we handle a broad range of family law issues, including those involving child support. Our child support attorneys can help you with all of your legal needs, including initial child support determinations, modifications, enforcement and planning for complex issues such as college expenses.

Determining Child Support In New Jersey

In New Jersey, child support is determined by a number of guidelines that take into account each parent’s income and expenses, the needs of the child, child custody arrangements and other factors.

While determinations are often straightforward, there are factors that can complicate matters. For instance, if one parent is self-employed, underemployed or if either parent is hiding income, it may require a thorough investigation to determine that parent’s obligations.

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