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Is It Time To Take A Step Back From Your Spouse?

In some cases, people who are ending their marriages and do not have children or major assets, try to save money by using a do-it-yourself Internet kit. Many of those people spend hours on the Internet and additional time filling out forms and then, when they come to court, they discover that they cannot complete their divorce due to errors or oversights.

Sometimes these errors are discovered much later, and these problems can be costly, emotionally debilitating and time-consuming. In fact, many of our consultations are with people who made noble efforts to handle this by themselves but encountered difficulties.

Every family law matter is unique and is usually not able to be successfully and/or permanently resolved by using a generic form. Contact Arbore Velez, LLC to discuss your divorce issues, so we can give you thorough legal counsel regarding your rights and your options for a divorce in New Jersey.

From Morris County to Union County and From Somerset County to Sussex County, Property Division Attorneys Can Be Invaluable Advocates in All Divorce Matters

Divorce is a legal process that should be taken very seriously. Our legal team has significant experience in resolving all divorce issues and modification proceedings; from simple to complex.

In addition to property division, child support, custody, visitation and alimony, there are many circumstances that people do not consider. These include the possible need for a sale of the family business to achieve equitable division of the estate, or the need to resolve domestic violence charges and structure a visitation plan accordingly.

Our legal team has a diverse base of legal knowledge and extensive experience; we can handle any issues associated with your divorce, including criminal charges, changes to your will and alterations to your estate plan.

Attorney Larry Forster is an accredited mediator and matrimonial arbitrator through the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. We offer this alternative to litigation, and when a trial is necessary, we create successful legal strategies to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients’ cases.

For a comprehensive discussion of your unique circumstances, we invite you to arrange an appointment with Mr. Forster.

Our Morris County Divorce Attorneys represent clients throughout Northern New Jersey in all matters associated with divorce and family law.