Domestic Violence

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Defending Against Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic abuse can be a violent action such as punching, kicking, slapping, choking and emotional and psychological harassment. Financial abuse and sexual abuse are also unlawful acts of domestic violence.

Regardless of Your Circumstances, Our Warren County and Sussex County Domestic Abuse Lawyers Will Not Judge You

For 40 years, people throughout New Jersey who have domestic violence issues have turned to Arbore Velez, LLC.

Our experienced attorneys have been handling challenging cases of domestic abuse for husbands, wives, domestic partners and family members who are caught up in these situations.

Sometimes, people are unable to control their emotions, and we take such factors into consideration when resolving cases of domestic violence. Whether your situation involves a one-time occurrence or an ongoing pattern of behavior, you should contact our legal team, so we can carefully evaluate your circumstances and determine a course of action that will protect your rights and your best interests.

We believe that abusers, as well as the victims of abuse, deserve our courtesy and unbiased legal representation.

Our team of attorneys and legal professionals treats every person with dignity and respect.Arbore Velez, LLC is a solutions-based law firm with your best case outcome as our main focus.

We invite you to contact us and arrange a confidential meeting with one of our Morris County domestic violence lawyers, so you can have an in-depth discussion about your circumstances. We will listen to your concerns and explain your legal rights and the options available to you.

Our Morris County, Sussex County and Warren County attorneys represent clients throughout New Jersey.