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Mediation and Arbitration

Divorce mediation has become an increasingly popular method of avoiding lengthy and costly legal battles.

Attorney Larry Forster is an accredited mediator in New Jersey, with over 40 years of experience helping employees and employers reach mutually beneficial resolution of their legal matters, such as contract disputes, partner and shareholder disputes, and buy-sell agreements.

As an accredited matrimonial arbitrator, Larry Forster handles all types of family law mediation involving divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, alimony, and property and debt division.

Warren County and Sussex County Mediation and Arbitration Lawyers

Our team of legal professionals at Arbore Velez, LLC has become well known for their ability to bring parties together to create solutions for a wide range of legal matters; from simple to complex.

Regardless of how complicated your issue is, our approach to mediation and arbitration is simple: We begin by carefully reviewing the facts, so we can prepare for the initial meeting. We clarify the issue or issues that need to be resolved on pre-meeting documents that are shared between the parties involved. This sets the boundaries and ensures the mediation session will stay focused and productive. Regardless of whether attorneys are present, the goal is a resolution of all issues in an expedited and cost-efficient manner.

During the session or sessions, we provide counsel, and we encourage clients to work toward a solution that will allow a mutual compromise without a surrender of either party’s best interests. We believe this is the most effective means to reach an agreement while preserving the relationship, which can be especially important in matters involving ongoing business or parental relationships.

We invite you to contact our Morris County mediator to arrange an appointment, so you can learn about your legal rights and whether mediation or arbitration is a viable option for resolution of your legal matter.